A VERY SPECIAL HOTEL is a documentary series that follows the astonishing stories of a young staff (16-24) with a huge range of disabilities. Foxes operates not only as a competitive hotel but also as a training academy for its staff, who stay for 2-3 years on-site. The three part series, told largely from the students’ point of view, will look at those just beginning at the hotel, plus others in their final year gearing up for jobs outside Foxes and facing the challenge of living independently. Like any other hotel in the area competing for business Foxes Hotel has to be at the top of its game and at the mercy of TripAdvisor. 

These teenagers have the same goals in life as any other and like most of their age, enjoy having a good time. However these young people face extra challenges through their disabilities; and added to that there is a layer of prejudice to get through too. 90% of Foxes’ students get a job at the end of it, but the path is paved with tragedies and triumphs.  

The training staff all have expertise in hospitality to a high standard, and are invested in their students and the hotel’s success. Special Needs Hotel shows real people with extraordinary and fascinating stories. 

Michelle Chappell, Channel 5 Commissioning Editor: Factual, News and Current Affairs, said: “This is a really important piece for us in 2015. The Special Needs Hotel is a wonderful place which offers opportunities to people with learning disabilities. It’s a celebration of the human spirit, diversity and fulfilling potential. I know we will all feel enriched watching this series and we are honoured that Foxes trust Channel 5 with their story.”

Lambent Production’s Managing Director Emma Wakefield commented: “Foxes is inspirational and we’re looking forward to telling these fantastic stories. We’re particularly excited to be making this landmark series for Channel 5 who share our passion for it”